Newport Back Bay Activities

Our staff takes great care in the planning for each day's activities to ensure that all of our participants get the most out of their time with us. They take into consideration many factors such as: current weather and water conditions, and the skill level and interests of the participants.

We provide a variety of activities each day to keep our participants interested and looking forward to each days activities. A days activities will include some of the following:

Health and physical fitness
o Stretching and aerobic exercises
o Proper nutrition
o Alcohol and drug use prevention
o Skin cancer prevention

o Basic First-aid orientation
o First-aid for injuries

Educational Activities
o Ocean and beach awareness
o Environmental impacts and issues

Aquatic Activities
o Swim clinics
o Practice swims
o Paddle board exercises
o Treading water

To ensure the safety of all participants we have designated specific locations for parents to drop-off and pickup their children. They will be met by our staff and escorted to the program locations.

This is also the best time, and place, for parents to ask any questions answered or to provide us with any information concerning the participants.

Parents dropping-off or picking-up participants will need to enter the resort at the main entrance at 1131 Back Bay Drive in Newport Beach located off of Jamboree Road (one signal inland from Pacific Coast Highway). The entrance is well marked and has security personnel present at all times.

Inform the gate personnel that you have a child in our program and they will issue you a 15 minute guest pass to enter and drop-off or pick-up your child. If you would like to stay longer and enjoy the many other resort amenities you will be required to pay the normal entrance/parking fee.

After leaving the gate turn right into the first parking lot and follow the signs towards the Back-Bay Cafe. The participant pick-up and drop-off point is adjacent to the bridge just before the white tent and the boat launching facilities. Our staff will meet participants there and escort them to the camp area.

Everyday, participants should bring a nutritional lunch packed in a cooler, plenty of water, a swim suit, beach attire, sunscreen, a towel, sandals, sunglasses, a hat, a sweatshirt, and a...


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